Blue Shield Plans Changing

Blue ShieldIt was recently announced that the Blue Shield of California products line is being completely revamped. The plans that have paved the way for the past decade are about to be obsolete. The last day for enrollment into these plans will be June 15, 2012 and will allows members to grandfather into the benefits.

Enrollment for the new plans will begin effective July 2, 2012. The new plans have potential to be more competitive in the individual health insurance market and have some flexibility for deductibles and price options. As always, they will include coverage for office visits, medications and the basic stuff. These new plans will definitely be popular for those seeking coverage at a reasonable price without giving up too many benefits.

Keep in mind that this is a PPO plan, so you can see any doctor you would like that is a participating Provider. Anthem Blue Cross has thousands of participating physicians and hundreds of hospitals statewide.

If you would like more details on this or any other individual health insurance plan please call Insurance Solutions and speak with one of our licensed agents to help you customize your plan based on your needs and budget.

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