Dog Owners Need Liability Insurance

If you are one of the millions of dog owners it is very important for you to carry liability insurance in case your dog bites someone. Yes, sometimes even good dogs bite! If your dog bites or attacks somebody you can and likely will be held liable for damages and medical expenses. Even if you are not a homeowner you can be liable for your pet. [custom_frame_left]
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This is the main reason you should carry some type of liability insurance, which can be included along with your Home Insurance, Condo Insurance, or even Renters Insurance. However, many companies are becoming more stringent with covering you if you have a certain type of dog breed. The most common to be ineligible are Pit bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinscher’s, and German Shepherds. These breeds are known to me more viscous and therefore insurance carriers are not willing to take on those risks.

Studies have shown that every day, about 1,000 U.S citizens require some emergency treatment for a dog bite or attack. In addition, the Insurance Institute has estimated that almost one third of all homeowner insurance liability claims are related to a dog bite or attack. If you do not have the right coverage this can mean tens of thousands of dollars or maybe more depending on the severity of the damages. It is important to keep in mind that dog bite prevention is the responsibility of the dog owner. A dog owner is liable for following leash laws and other legal restrictions that can help keep people safe from dangerous dog attacks before they happen.

My Dog Attacked Someone, What Do I Do?

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  • Make sure the injured person gets proper medical attention.
  • Be Nice! Remember, your dog just bit them and they can seek legal action.
  • Exchange personal contact information
  • Contact your insurance agent or company and report the incident
  • Report the attack to your local authorities or animal control.


Dog Bite Statistics

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  • There were 38 U.S fatal dog attacks in 2012 according to
  • Pitbulls and Rottweilers account for 68% of all fatal attacks.
  • 50% of the victims were adults and the other 50% were children under 8 years old.
  • California and North Carolina lead the country with dog bite fatalities, each with 4.
  • Family dogs account for 58% of all fatal occurrences


Make sure you take the right safety measures to prevent this from being your nightmare. As dog owners you must take full responsibility for their potential actions. Make sure you have the right insurance in place to protect yourself in case of an accident. Contact Us today and speak with one of our licensed professional agents to make sure you have adequate coverage so you don’t become the victim of any legal actions brought upon you.

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