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Anthem Medicare Preferred Standard PPO

The Anthem Medicare Preferred Standard PPO from Anthem Blue Cross has been released for 2015! This California Medicare Advantage plan known as AMP for short was introduced in to the market a few years ago as a Local PPO, meaning it is only offered in specific counties. It quickly became very popular and it remains as one of the few Medicare Advantage PPO plans in the state. This Medicare Advantage Plan with Part D (also known as MAPD) offers significant freedom of choice with your medical service providers. The plan allows you to visit both In and Out-of-Network providers (with a higher share of cost) at a set price, allowing members flexibility and reducing the hassle of referrals. Listed below are the available counties throughout California and the prices and benefits. Please note that pricing varies per county.

Summary of Benefits

County Dr Visits Rx & Hospital Premium
Orange $10 Primary
$30 Specialist
* See Brochure
$130/Month Apply Now
San Diego $10 Primary
$30 Specialist
* See Brochure
$120/Month Apply Now
Madera $0 Primary
$20 Specialist
* See Brochure
$76/Month Apply Now
San Francisco $0 Primary
$20 Specialist
* See Brochure
$116/Month Apply Now
Riverside $10 Primary
$35 Specialist
* See Brochure
$146/Month Apply Now
*Complete details can be found in the Summary of Benefits Brochure for each county.
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Although some details do vary the core benefits remain the same. You will still be able to enjoy the freedom of the Anthem Blue Cross PPO network. This means set co-pays for your more common services like office visits and no referrals needed when you want to visit a Specialist. As a standard benefit, the plan also offers Silver Sneakers Fitness Program

Prescription Drugs Covered at No Cost

The Anthem Medicare Preferred Standard PPO includes an embedded Medicare Part D plan that will include a Drug Formulary with set co-pays during your Initial Coverage Period. These co-payments will remain the same until you and your plan combined reach the Coverage Gap, also known as the “Donut Hole”, which is $2,960 for 2015.

With Anthem Medicare Preferred you will receive a discount on brand name drugs and generally pay no more than 45% of the plan’s costs on brand name drugs. In addition, you will only be responsible to pay for a maximum of 65% of Anthem’s cost for covered generic prescriptions. Catastrophic Coverage begins if and when your total annual prescription costs reach $4,700; at which point you are only responsible for a small co-insurance or co-payment on each medication.

Additional Benefits: Dental, Vision and More

Anthem Medicare Preferred Standard PPO also offers optional packages for an added premium ranging from $18-40/mo. These packages can include the following:

  • Preventive Dental
  • Comprehensive Dental and Vision
  • Combination of Dental, Vision, Chiropractic and Acupuncture

Keep in mind that this is a PPO plan that allows you to see any doctor of your choice within the Network. Anthem Blue Cross has thousands of participating physicians and hundreds of hospitals to choose from.

Make sure you review your options carefully before making a decision. Feel free to contact us and speak with one of our licensed professionals to help with the right Medicare Insurance solutions for you based on your needs and budget.

Note: These benefits are only available to you if you are or will be enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B.

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