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United HealthCare Medicare Complete Secure Horizons

We are proud to offer the famous HMO plan from United HealthCare known as the United HealthCare Medicare Complete Secure Horizons plan. Secure Horizons launched the nation’s first Medicare HMO plan back in 1985 and has been recognized as one of the most popular plans for many years. UHC Medicare CompleteSecure Horizons administers healthcare benefits to more than 360,000 Medicare beneficiaries in California alone, where the company is headquartered.

Depending on your county, you may have several Medicare Advantage plans to choose from. Our licensed California agents can help you enroll in a plan, but you must be eligible for Medicare Part A and continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium. With this United HealthCare (HMO) Plan you will receive care by using a group of local contracted doctors and hospitals that coordinate your care. Your annual Out-of-pocket costs are usually lower for these types of plans.

Benefits of the Medicare Complete HMO

United HealthCare Medicare Complete plans offer all of the benefits covered under Original Medicare A & B and more. While the exact benefits vary depending on your specific county, most plans of the plans provide:

  • Access to medical care through a trusted network of contracted doctors & hospitals
  • Help with financial protection through annual limits on out-of-pocket health expenses
  • Annual Preventive care services at $0 co-payment, including an annual routine physical
  • Worldwide coverage for emergency care

If you choose to go to a doctor that is outside of the network, you must pay for these services yourself, except in limited situations (for example, emergency care). Neither the Medicare Complete nor the Original Medicare Plan will pay for these services. While the exact benefits vary depending on the specific plan for your county, the plan may also include:

  • Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage
  • Coverage for additional preventive services such as routine vision, hearing, and dental

Optional Dental, Vision & Hearing Aid packages are available with United HealthCare Medicare Complete HMO ranging from $6 – $39/mo. More details are available if you call and speak with one of our licensed Insurance Solutions professionals to help you customize your plan based on your needs and budget.

Note: These benefits are only available to you if you are or will be enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B.

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