Need An SR22 In California

What is an SR-22?

A very common question we are constantly asked is “What is an SR-22?” So we want to address this issue. In California, an SR-22 is not insurance but rather a certificate that you must file with your auto insurance company who will then file it with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to verify that you meet the state’s minimum requirements for liability auto insurance coverage. The insurance company will notify the DMV if the insurance coverage is cancelled or should lapse for any reason.

In the state of California there are three different types of SR 22 forms:

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  • An Operator’s Policy Certificate which covers the financial responsibility in case you do not own a vehicle.
  • An Owner’s Policy Certificate that covers the financial responsibility for vehicles owned by the driver.
  • A Broad Coverage Policy Certificate covers financial responsibility for all vehicles driven by motorist (owned or not owned).


When is an SR-22 Required?

Typically, you will be required to keep an SR-22 on file for the following reasons:

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  • Individuals convicted of DUI
  • An individual who was in an accident or was convicted of a traffic offense was unable to show financial responsibility
  • Reinstating your driving privilege following a suspension or revocation


Any one of these events will require you to keep an SR-22 on file with the California DMV. As per the state laws of California, the minimum amount of coverage for one accident should be $15,000 for one person killed or injured, $30,000 for two or more persons killed or injured and $5,000 for property damage.

If you are in a situation where you need to keep an SR-22 on file with the DMV, make sure your California auto insurance covers any vehicle registered in your name and any vehicles you routinely drive.

Having the right car insurance solutions in place is very critical. Speak to one of our licensed insurance solutions professionals to determine your needs and budget. We can provide free auto insurance quotes and compare your options.